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Sunday: 8am-3pm | Monday: Closed | Tuesday-Wednesday: 8am-3pm | Thursday-Saturday: 8am-9pm

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we love good food


We sell everything we grow and raise on our farm in our Market and Kitchen. We feature a changing breakfast, lunch and dinner menu of seasonal soups, salads, sandwiches, pastries, coffee and tea. You can dine in or take to go! We also sell our own organic produce and grass-fed meats as well as grocery and specialty housewares, with a focus on supporting and showcasing Vermont's local artisans, producers and farmers. We’re also hosting food-focused events every week – find out more here.


Prepared Foods and Fresh Produce

Butcher Shop with Our Meat

Cheese Counter and Specialty Items

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The market is a part of the farm


Our farm surrounds the market and inspires everything we do in the kitchen. The philosophy influencing our growing practices is rooted in our dedication to the ecological sustainability of the land. And what we practice in the fields is reflected in our cooking – working with seasonal, local ingredients as much as we can and partnering with other like-minded food producers.


Delicious Meals to Eat Here or Take Out

Indoor and Outdoor Seating

Sourced Locally and Prepared Thoughtfully

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The butcher Program


At our heart, we are grass farmers. Our goal is to produce healthy swards of diverse grass and legume species while using livestock in a management intensive system to increase soil fertility and carbon retention in the plants and soil. The byproduct of this work is nutrient dense and flavorful meat. It can be hard to talk about how we care for our animals in the same conversation as our butcher program but it is important to acknowledge where our food comes from.

We practice whole animal butchery which means that we use every part of the animal to eliminate waste and to honor the energy that went into raising, caring for, slaughtering and processing our animals. We focus on educating our consumers about less-known cuts of meat and the proper ways to cook those cuts. We won’t always have the same cuts available and we change them based on the season. All of our meat is grass-fed and grass-finished and our poultry is certified organic. We believe in eating less meat and spending more on high-quality meat that was treated humanely and with respect.


Grass-fed and Grass-finished Meats

Whole Animal Butchery

Organic Poultry and Eggs

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