We are a leader in regenerative agriculture


The Market Garden is the certified organic vegetable, flower, herb and fruit production center of Philo Ridge Farm. We have over two acres in production growing everything from arugula to zucchini, all of which goes into our Market and Kitchen.

The philosophy influencing our growing practices is rooted in our dedication to the ecological sustainability of the land. We are caretakers of our natural and human environment – striving to produce nutrient-dense foods, provide an exciting learning environment for our staff, and strengthen our agricultural economy all while upholding the integrity of the land. We practice regenerative agriculture, meaning that our end goal is to put more nutrients back into the soil than we take out.


Certified Organic with VOF


Year-Round Production

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The farm is alive 


We practice a low-till style of agriculture. This is done without much machinery and involves primarily handwork and a walk-behind tractor. By tilling infrequently or not at all depending on the state of the soil, we are upholding the natural structure of the soil, maintaining healthy soil biology and decreasing our ecological impact. We also utilize a rotation of cover crops, annual compost application, and many regenerative practices to protect the health of our soils and our natural world.


Cover Crops

Compost Application

Regenerative Practices

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This is a diversified, working landscape 


Our practices are reflective of Philo Ridge Farm’s desire to grow all food within a regenerative agricultural system. Some pillars of regenerative agriculture are building healthy soils and augmenting soil fertility; increasing water retention, purification and creating clean, safe water runoff; enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem resiliency; and reducing the carbon emissions of current agriculture through significant carbon sequestration.


Nutrient-Dense Foods

Building Healthy Soils

Caretakers of the Environment

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