100% Grass-fed


The livestock and land management team focuses on producing grass-fed and pasture-raised livestock, which is processed and sold in the Market & Kitchen. The team manages over 200 acres of hay and rotationally grazed pasture.

We produce Belted Galloway beef, heritage Tamworth pork, Kosher King broiler chicken, Romney/Border Leister cross lamb. We also sell wool blankets and pelts in our Market from our sheep.


Grass-fed and pasture-raised

Certified organic poultry operation

Rotationally grazed

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healthy soil is our end product


The philosophy influencing our growing practices is rooted in our dedication to the ecological sustainability of the land. We practice management intensive rotational grazing.

Management intensive grazing provides livestock new areas of high quality pasture daily, followed by long periods of resting the pasture without allowing animals to graze it to allow regrowth. This requires staff to move temporary fence every day to assure the livestock are always getting the best quality pasture available. 


Grass-based livestock system

Improve the fertility of the land

Regenerative Practices

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we are grass farmers


The key principle is managing the time between rotations so that the plants are able to fully regrow. Well managed grass-based livestock systems improve fertility of the land, produce exceptionally flavorful, tender and healthy meat, and are aesthetically pleasing, which benefits our entire community at large.

At our heart, we are grass farmers who are trying to produce healthy swards of diverse grass and legume species while using livestock in a management intensive system to increase soil fertility and carbon retention in the plants and soil. The byproduct of this work is nutrient dense and flavorful meat. 


Nutrient-dense foods

Carbon retention in plants and soil

Diverse grass and legume species

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