Many partnerships lend resilience and expertise to our growing business.  These individuals, businesses and institutions support our goal of becoming a beautiful, functional farm at the forefront of research, innovation, and conversation around our food. 

Weather Hill Company     The Weather Hill Company is a nationally renowned architectural firm, specializing in classic design, restoration, consulting, and full construction services.  In 2013, Weather Hill began restoring the 1840s farmhouse, and completed the project in 2015. Gregory and Carolynn Schipa and Harrison and Valerie Snapp are the principals and have worked together for over 30 years bringing new life to historic buildings with their fine attention to detail and their respect for traditional design and building styles.

All Souls Tortilleria     "From the tiny hard seed of wild teosinte to our current array of domesticated maiz, corn has co-existed with the people of the Americas for millennia. Corn has rooted us to the land, feed our families, and shaped our culture," All Souls Tortilleria writes.  We had the privilege of growing heirloom corn for this start-up company in 2015, and look forward to growing our partnership with them in the future. 

Bio-Logical Capital     Bio-Logical Capital is a land investment, development, and conservation company. They believe that for agriculture to be sustainable, it must be designed to build soil productivity and to produce a variety of nutrient-rich crops that produce strong revenues and sustain communities. Bio-Logical Capital supports Philo Ridge Farm with farm planning, human resources and financial management.  

Blanket Weave     Determined to see a product from sheep to shawl, so to speak, Michael and Vera came across the outstanding work of Peggy Hart. Peggy weaves on antique looms in her rural Massachusetts barn.  We slowly accrued wool to meet her minimums then dove headfirst into a blanket design process that was both beautiful and intimidating.  Three years later, we are still producing blankets with Peggy.  We find her work to be unmatched. 

Charlotte Central School     Charlotte's elementary school is a stone's throw away from the farm, and we quickly established a foot path for students to take from their property onto ours.  We hosted our first field trips with pre-k, first and second graders in the spring of 2015, and look forward to further cultivating this neighborhood relationship.

Distinctive Landscape    Distinctive Landscaping is a Landscape Architecture firm that specializes in designing and installing projects of all scales. Their team of designers work together to produce the most ecological, economical, and naturalistic designs.

Green Mountain Spinnery      A Worker-Owned Cooperative in Putney, Vermont with three goals: to create yarns of the highest quality, to help sustain regional sheep farming, and to develop environmentally sound ways to process natural fibers. Unlike most commercial mills, The Green Mountain Spinnery uses no chemicals to bleach, moth-proof or shrink-proof yarns.  Vera and Michael have been sending their wool there for three years, and have learned so much from the committed and knowledgeable worker-owners of Green Mountain Spinnery. 

Green Pasture Meats     Our team first got to know Jim and Lori Blaise of Green Pasture Meats the summer they slaughtered 450 chickens on the farm.  Harvesting chickens isn't easy or fun, but doing it alongside Jim and Lori is about as good as it gets.  Now Green Pasture Meats process lamb and pigs for us, too.  We are grateful to have talented meat cutters nearby. 

Gwen Hinman     Gwen shears for us twice a year, and always brings with her stories of feral sheep in Maine, shearing competitions in Australia, and trials and tribulations from her own farm in New Hampshire. Our sheep are in good, strong hands with Gwen. 

Horsford Gardens & Nursery    Home to Vermont-hardy trees, roses, lilacs, perennials and much more, they’ve been rooted in Vermont soil for more than 120 years and helping us plant trees, shrubs and more here at the farm.

Mad River Food Hub      MRFH is a fully equipped, licensed vegetable and USDA inspected meat processing facility located in Waitsfield, Vermont.  Vera and Michael aimed to add value to their delicious chickens through making chicken sausage in 2015, and were grateful that MRFH could incubate them as they honed the recipe and the market for this delicious product. 

Maple Wind Farm    Bruce Hennessy and Beth Whiting operate Maple Wind Farm, a diversified farm based Huntington, VT.  They bring part of their Angus-Devon cattle herd to Philo Ridge Farm each spring to graze our fields. In addition to the added fertility,  we receive Bruce and Beth's mentorship each season.  Maple Wind Farm also slaughters our broiler chickens in their USDA inspected slaughter unit in Richmond, VT. 

Neagly & Chase Construction Company    They provide quality construction services for a wide variety of projects throughout Vermont, including historic renovations and have been working at the farm to restore and build out barn construction projects.

Pat LeClaire      Pat is a Charlotte, Vermont native who has cared for the property surrounding Philo Ridge Farm for decades. He manages equipment and trails, and brings sound judgement and creative ideas to the team. While he's almost always working somewhere around the farm, come springtime, Pat can be found in his hand-built sugarhouse, where he produces the best syrup in town for Patalin's Sugarworks.  You can find his syrup, produced in a wood-fired evaporator, in our market! 

Steve Denton     Steve runs a neighboring beef operation and excavation service, and joined the team in 2015 to manage hay on the property and now helps with excavation work.

Vermont Land Trust       Our farmland is proudly conserved under the Vermont Land Trust. The conservation work of the Vermont Land Trust changes the lives of families, invigorates farms, launches new businesses, maintains scenic vistas, encourages recreational opportunities, and fosters a renewed sense of community.

University of Vermont     The University of Vermont (UVM) is a public research university just down the road in Burlington, Vermont. We are currently partnered with UVM on 8 different research projects ranging from pasture management to grass-fed cattle production to improve soil health.

Vermont Organic Farmers     Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF), is the certification branch of NOFA-VT, and was created in 1985 to help growers and concerned consumers define what it meant to farm organically. These standards for organic production in Vermont were created by the farmers who were dedicated to growing practices that used a holistic approach to soil fertility, pest control and plant and animal health. Philo Ridge Farm currently produces certified organic garlic and hay. 

Vermont Walkways and Stone Preservation     Peter Demick and John McEntee are master stone masons who have restored foundations and installed walkways. 


Philo Ridge Farm is a member of...

Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont    

Rural Vermont

Vermont Land Trust

Weston A. Price Foundation