August Events on the Farm

VT Open Farm Week

We're excited to join over 40 farms around the Green Mountain State during Vermont Open Farm Week! This weeklong event gives farmers a chance to welcome visitors onto our farms for special events, workshops, tastings, and more. It encourages consumers to visit their local farms, or plan trips to regions farther afield. There are delicious, inspiring, fun events in communities across the state. View all event listings. 

At our farm, we'll have two events this year.  A Grazing Research Field Day and Pasture Walk on August 15 and Morning Music for Little Farmers on Saturday, August 19!

Field Day and Pasture Walk ($30-$40)

August 15

Join staff from the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture's Pasture and Farming & Climate Change programs to spend a day on a diversified, grass-based farm in Charlotte in northwestern Vermont.  The day will feature:

(1) Grazing research (cover crops for soil health and animal performance; forage production and quality of semi-shaded forages, heat stress and animal behavior and comfort with Juan Alvez, and a discussion Joshua Faulkner on the woodchip heavy-use area in place on the farm).

(2) Soil health demonstration (Cornell Cooperative Extension educator Fay Benson will bring a “soil health trailer” and other tools to demonstrate soil health, water infiltration and runoff of different crops, included well-managed pastures and Joshua Faulkner will talk about his CIG Compaction project). 

(3) A pasture walk with noted grazing expert and consultant Jim Gerrish.

Morning Music for Little Farmers ($5)

August 19 

Explore farm animals, vegetables, soil and more through song and play. Bring your little farmers to the Livestock Barn at Philo Ridge Farm for a fun morning of exploration, featuring music with Julia Wayne and Katie Trautz of Mayfly! This event is part ofVermont Open Farm Week - a statewide event that provides a behind-the- scenes look into Vermont's vibrant working agricultural landscape.  Rain or shine.