It's Time to Reserve Your Pasture-Raised Chicken!

Our first batch of 2016 pasture-raised chickens are growing now on non-GMO feed* and lots of pasture plants and insects. The Cornish Cross chicks have been outdoors from about week 2, and will be slaughtered at Maple Wind Farm in August. Maple Wind Farm is in Richmond, VT and offers custom slaughter for poultry producers from around Vermont. After processing, the chickens are air-chilled, vacuum sealed and frozen for you.  The hearts, livers and necks are not included, but can be purchased in bulk separately. 

Reserve Your Chickens

The weight of our whole chickens will range between 4 and 6 pounds. Birds will be ready for pick-up at Philo Ridge Farm in Charlotte on the evening of August 19 between 5:30 and 7:00 pm.  We will email you more specific pick-up details, but please plan to get your birds then unless you arrange another pick-up method. 

Chickens are $4.85/pound if purchasing 1-9 birds and $4.60/pound for 10 or more. 

When reserving chickens, the number of tickets you request is the number of chickens you would like. Not a fan of Eventbrite? You can also email us to place your order by email:

*The main ingredients in the chicken feed are non-GMO cornmeal, non-GMO soybean meal and organic wheat middlings. Chickens will also enjoy leftover barley mash from a nearby start-up brewery!  If you're interested in chickens raised on certified organic grain, let us know! We might raise the next batch on certified organic grain.