Philo Ridge Farm is a diversified farm that integrates livestock, orchards, gardens, and community events. We strive to be a beautiful, functional farm at the forefront of innovation and conversation around our food. Embracing research and education, we hope to manage our resources as part of a holistic and lasting system. We want to support food, farmers, and the incredible bounty of the region. Learn more about our partners and allies on our Partners Page.

Our team is dedicated to developing and innovating ways to better understand where our food comes from. We are currently collaborating with University of Vermont Extension to enhance research and education for grass farmers in Vermont. The main goal of this project is to monitor and research soil health and pasture forage as they relate to the production of high quality grass-fed, grass-finished beef in Vermont. 

Through events, classes, and field trips, we hope to share our growing knowledge with the greater community. Charlotte's elementary school is a stone's throw away from the farm, and we quickly established a foot path for students to take from their property onto ours.  We hosted our first field trips with pre-k, first and second graders in the spring of 2015, and look forward to further cultivating this neighborhood relationship. For the second year in a row, we will also be hosting Farm to Ballet, a seasonally inspired ballet that travels around the state visiting and performing at small farms.

Through our diverse system of farm activities, we are weaving together orchards, livestock, grains, and mixed vegetable production. All of these systems feed into each other to lower waste, improve efficiency, and take better care of the soil. We currently have chickens, heritage pigs, sheep, ducks and Belted Galloway cattle on the property, being moved every day to fresh grass during the summer months. All of our fields are certified organic.