Current Job Openings

Philo Ridge Farm is excited to grow its team! We are offering a supportive, educational and stimulating work environment with competitive wages and benefits for our full-time employees. 

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seasonal events coordinator

The Seasonal Events Coordinator will be responsible for developing and leading the events at our farm. The Seasonal Events Coordinator will work closely with the management team. Events could range from large public farm tours to small workshops with the local elementary school to fundraising dinners for nonprofits. The Seasonal Events Coordinator will be the voice of the farm to the community during the planning and execution of these events. Hours and workload will change weekly depending on the events schedule. This position requires flexible scheduling and availability.



Under general direction of the Market Garden Manager and Farm Manager, this position is responsible for the general upkeep of a variety of landscapes on the farm. The Landscaper will execute tasks such as mowing, weed whacking, mulching, weeding, occasional tractor work, watering established and newly planted perennials and trees and general property clean-up and maintenance as it supports the Market Garden Program and farm as a whole. The Market Garden is comprised of two production acres and a few season extension facilities where we grow certified Organic vegetables, fruits, flowers, berries and herbs. The Landscaper will assist as needed in Market Garden production as well as assist the Livestock program in addition to landscape duties.


Market Team

The Market Team Member will be responsible for setting up the deli, market floor, dining area, and coffee and pastry counter for service, including the stocking of coffee and dining self-service area. They will ensure that all market food and merchandise are well-displayed; provide customer service throughout the store; prepare and serve drinks and food. The Market Team Member will have a deep understanding of and pulse on the current trends in coffee and good food production, and will contribute to the ongoing evolution of the Market product mix.



The Dishwasher participates in the daily operations of the kitchen including the washing of all dishes, kitchen utensils, cookware, and equipment. The Dishwasher maintains the cleanliness, sanitation and organization of the kitchen, kitchen equipment, storage and garbage areas. The Dishwasher will also complete cooking prep, dry storage and walk-in organization and rotation, and other tasks as assigned by the Kitchen Shift Supervisor or Head Chef. 


Production Cook

The Production Cook works with the kitchen team, led by the Head Chef, to ensure a high level of quality and standards of all prepared food and executes the proper product rotation of raw ingredients and cooked items.  The Production Cook is responsible for accurate, efficient, and timely execution and plating of menu items throughout the day.  They are an active contributor to the open and constant line of communication with all other team members regarding product, production timeline for prepared food items, and ingredients. 


Market Garden Crew

Under general direction of the Market Garden Manager, this position works in many aspects of small-scale sustainable food production. Our growing philosophy is rooted in the farm’s ecological mission to implement a regenerative agricultural system. The Market Garden Crew will be responsible for raising organic vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit, including seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, packing and farm maintenance tasks. The Market Garden Crew member will learn many facets of operating a small farm generating food for market, including soil fertility management, crop rotation, weed and pest control, harvest and handling protocol - all while being a valuable part of an enriching local food system.